Our Legacy

Family Owned

Humble Beginings

Howdy folks!

My name is Cheyla Breedlove, and I own LH Coffee Bar and Saloon.

Our vintage horsebox is a replica of our family's horsebox we owned growing up on a small cattle farm in the heart of Southern Oregon.

I began blazing this trail nearly 10 years ago now from a conversation I had with my bonus dad, who's gone now, about our old horse trailer becoming a bar in an off-the-cuff conversation while cleaning out the barn one day after class, that I tucked away. It is in my family's heritage.

My momma was one of the first food truckers in our area in the late '80s, catering out of her food truck to all the local lumber mills. I, being the spitfire I am, was 86'd from preschool for having "too much spirit." I then spent my time with my grandfather, an old cowboy with amazing style and grit, learning the ropes and catering with my momma in her food truck. I grew up and found myself working in the restaurant industry to pay for college, learning the craft of roasting beans, being taught the craft of coffee by an Italian roastmaster, front-of-the-house operations, and the delicate balance of making our guests feel warm and cared for, and walking away a part of our family.

So much of now culture is the lost fellowship with someone as we're creating an experience for them. Grateful they chose us and our brand rooted in legacy, southern charm, and hospitality with a little grit to boot.

LH Coffee Bar & Saloon is where my passion for coffee, cocktails, cold beer, and family bring fine folks together. Our small family-owned business embodies those ideals and more as we teach our own children to love what you do, and you'll truly never work a day in your life.